Say Something -
Anonymous Reporting System

The Say Something-Anonymous Reporting System (ARS) program empowers students to be Upstanders and say something to a Trusted Adult when they recognize warning signs and threats as well as offers ways students can grow a community of Upstanders.


The program is designed around three goals that are accomplished using the program's framework and reinforced through the program cycle.     


The three goals of the Say Something-ARS program are to teach students how to:

  • recognize warning signs and threats of someone who may be at-risk of hurting themselves or others.
  • say something to a Trusted Adult to get help and how to submit a tip to the Anonymous Reporting System.
  • grow a community of Upstanders who look out for one another.

Program Framework

The goals are accomplished using our three-step program framework:

  1. Recognize Warning Signs and Threats: learn what warning signs and threats are and where they are likely to be found.

  2. Act Immediately; Take it Seriously: learn why it's important to take action immediately when warning signs and threats are observed.

  3. Say Something: learn when to tell a trusted adult when warning signs and threats are observed as well as how to submit a tip to a Crisis Counselor using the Say Something- Anonymous Reporting System.

Program Cycle

The goals and the framework are continually reinforced using our five-stage program cycle: 1) Plan 2) Train 3) Engage 4) Celebrate 5) Grow.


Because every school and youth organization are different, we have designed each stage of the program cycle to be flexible. 


All resources needed to implement the program cycle are available for free on our Digital Library and are aligned with the social and emotional learning standards developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning.  To learn more about the program cycle, watch the video below.


Registration is free.  Be part of the Say Something movement and register today.




Please note: the Say Something-ARS student training and resources are only available to educators and school personnel in districts or states with which Sandy Hook Promise has a partnership agreement.


If you are interested in learning more about how to bring the program to your school, please email [email protected] and one of our Account Managers will contact you.  


There are five stages to the Say Something-Anonymous Reporting System cycle.  Each stage provides enough flexibility so that educators and students can implement it themselves.  All of the resources you need are available here on the Learning Center at no cost

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