Say Something

We believe that Upstanders and Trusted Adults are critical to building safer schools and youth organizations.  The Say Something program teaches students how to recognize warning signs and threats of someone who may be at-risk of hurting themselves or others and to “say something” to a Trusted Adult before a tragedy can occur.  

Say Something teaches students three steps:

  1. Recognize Warning Signs and Threats
    Learn what warning signs and threats are and where they are likely to be found.
  2. Act Immediately; Take it Seriously
    Learn strategies to take action when warning signs and threats are observed as well as how to be an Upstander rather than a bystander.
  3. Say Something
    Learn how to tell a trusted adult when warning signs and threats are observed. 

The Say Something trainings and resources are flexible to use. Say Something is directly aligned with the social-emotional learning (SEL) standards developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning. 

Registration is free.  Be part of the Say Something movement and register today.



There are five stages to the Say Something program cycle.  Each stage provides enough flexibility so that educators and students can implement it themselves.  All of the resources you need are available here on the Learning Center at no cost.

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have participated in the Say Something program. 


SAVE Promise Clubs have brought Start With Hello to their school or youth organization.

With 100% of school attackers exhibiting warning signs before their attack, the Say Something program can help build safer communities.