Start With Hello

The Start With Hello program empowers students in grades K-12 to recognize loneliness and social isolation in their peers, offering effective strategies to reach out and help, and ways they can grow an empathetic and inclusive community. 

Learn about the Start With Hello program

The program is designed around three goals that are accomplished using the program's framework and reinforced through the program cycle.     


The three goals of the Start With Hello program are to teach students how to:

  • Recognize loneliness and social isolation in their peers.
  • Help their peers who may be lonely and/or socially isolated.
  • Grow an empathetic and inclusive community.

Program Framework

The goals are accomplished using our three-step program framework:

  1. See Someone Alone: Learn how to recognize social isolation and loneliness.
  2. Reach Out and Help: Learn the benefits of helping peers who are lonely or socially isolated as well as strategies to overcome the challenges. 
  3. Start with Hello: Learn ways to help peers who are lonely and socially isolated as well as help create a more connected and inclusive community.

Program Cycle

The goals and the framework are continually reinforced using our five-stage program cycle.


Because every school and youth organization is different, we have designed each stage of the program cycle to be flexible. 


All resources needed to implement the program cycle are available for free on our Digital Library and aligned with the social and emotional learning standards developed by the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning. To learn more about the program cycle, watch the video below.


How Do I Get Started  

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Implement the Start With Hello program using our Implementation Guide


There are five stages to the Start With Hello program cycle.  Each stage provides enough flexibility so that educators and students can implement it themselves.  All of the resources you need are available here on the Learning Center at no cost.

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have participated in the Start With Hello program.


SAVE Promise Clubs have brought Start With Hello to their school or youth organization.

With 70 percent of adolescents experiencing loneliness, the Start With Hello program can help build more connected and inclusive communities.